Commercial at Eyre Street

The brief

This assignment was to develop a two-storey mixed use commercial building. The brief required the ground floor to accommodate an upmarket retail space and a café. The upper floor is for an office to be occupied by a new media business. The brief also required the design should not reproduce the “bland, semi commercial look evident in some contemporary mixed used developments”.

The site

The block is located at the corners of Eyre and Jardine streets, Kingston. It is 323 square metres and located at the end of a row of existing buildings. There is a height limit of 9 metres and there is no set-back requirement. The surrounding precinct has a mix of older two-storey buildings building used for cafes, restaurants, retail and small offices. Some of these buildings were built in 1940s and have heritage listings.

The design

The proposed building has a simple yet striking form. The angled floor plan extenuates the monolithic facades and gives the building a monumental appearance. This angle also creates dynamic and memorable interior spaces in another wise simple building.

The structure utilises cast concrete floors and roof with tilt-up concrete wall panels, finished with aluminium curtain walls for the glazing elements. Solar gain is controlled on the west and east facades using awnings and external venetian blinds.

The materials pallet has been kept minimal and low maintenance. The concrete facade will be coated in anti-graffiti coating. The awnings are Shou Sugi Ban, a Japanese charred timber finish which requires no painting.

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