I use a 4-stage design process to ensure you get great outcomes on your extension, renovation or new build. You can start with a free phone consultation and use just the services you need. You can stop a project at the end of any stage and there is no obligation to complete the process.

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Stage 1 – Free phone consultation

Call me to discuss your ideas and for some free professional advice. In most cases, I’m able to provide quick answers about what’s possible for your property and the planning requirements. Based on our conversation I’ll give you an indication of my fees and outline other costs. At the completion of this stage, you’ll have professional guidance about the feasibility of your project along with some ideas on how to get started.

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Stage 2 – Concept & feasibility check

During this stage I work with you to explore possibilities and to identify design options. I’ll also conduct an assessment of your site and check the feasibility against the building and planning codes. At the end of this stage, I’ll provide you with an high level concept along with details on the planning approvals required to get your project ready to build.

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Stage 3 – Design development

During this stage I’ll work with you develop the initial concept into a detailed design. Generally, I start with quick hand drawn sketches and use three iterations to develop these into a Preliminary Sketch Plan. At the end of this stage, I’ll provide you with a floor plan and exterior design that works with your lifestyle, aesthetics and budget. You’ll also have sufficient documentation to approach builders for indicative quotes.

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Stage 4 – Documentation & approvals  

During this last stage your design is finalised and detailed plans drafted. I’ll also coordinate the necessary consultants and approvals. If a Development Application is required, I manage the submission to ACT Planning.  At the stage of the process your project will be ready to commence construction.