Black and white icon of a frothy glass of beer... mmmm beer

Do you have a friend or client who needs the services of a building designer? Refer them to me and earn yourself a reward.

How it works

  1. Give my contact details to someone who can use my services
  2. Fire me a quick message letting me know you’re sending a potential client my way and include a note about the services they require
  3. Client engages my services and when they pay their first invoice over $500, I’ll give you a case of beer or a bottle wine
  4. Then enjoy your reward responsibly!

Small print

Client projects must be located in ACT. I may decline a referral without explanation and accepting a client is at my sole discretion. When referring someone, you must not charge them or accept another form of payment for doing this (basically you can’t get paid twice!). Rewards may be substituted with a gift card of similar value – no cash payments will be made. You must be over 18. This offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice or explanation.