Free house plans for the Canberra region

A review of free and open source building plans that could be used in Canberra. If you would like your plans reviewed contact me.

All of my plans can be downloaded and are free to use for non-commercial purposes.

Read more about why I have embraced an open approach to licencing.

Design For Place – 2 and 3 bedroom houses

Designed by the Australian Government to promote sustainable, energy-efficient housing. The quality of the documentation appears to be excellent.  This design should be easy to use on many blocks in the Canberra region.

Read more on YourHome

Sun Salutation – 3 bedroom house

Designed by Earth Dwelling to promote construction in rammed earth. This is an innovate design with excellent sustainability credentials and a good floor plan. Constructing this design would require a builder who specialises in rammed earth. Also, in the Canberra region the design would require modification to meet local climate requirements.

Read more on Earth Dwelling

OCKHM Haven Ancillary Living Module

Constructed in Perth, the Haven uses Wikihouse plans. WikiHouse is the definitive example of open source software development principles applied to house design. It is great to see an Australian company offering a local version. It is unclear if these kits are available outside of Perth.

In theory Wikihouse plans can be downloaded and used freely. Constructing a Wikihouse would require expertise in digital fabrication and knowledge of the National Construction Code and Australian Standard.

Read more about WikiHouse and OCKHM Haven

Liveable house plans

Developed to promote accessible housing these plans provide an introduction into the principles of accessibility. Being floor plans only these would require further development by a building designer.

Read more on Liveable Homes


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