Shipping container concept

Concept sketch for a 40ft high cube container house

For this quick concept, the focus was on tackling the awkward interior space of a 40 foot ‘high cube’ shipping container. Angling the container lowered the roof in places and gave the rooms better proportions. The changes in level have been used to define the spaces.

To maximise interior space super thin “va-Q-vip” vacuum insulated panels were used for wall insulation (r5.7 at only 40mm). Following passive house principles, including a heat recovery ventilation system would allow the container to be an energy efficient air tight space. Cement sheet was used for interior wall lining to provide some thermal mass.

7 thoughts on “Shipping container concept

  1. Andreas Fend says:

    I also like the idea. To extend the space in Kitchen and Lounge i would like to add a 20ft container besides the 40ft and remove the inner Walls. Replacing the upper end of the 20ft Container by glas you can add lot more of natural light inside the living-space. To also add some “storage-space” the space below the containers (under the kitchen and Lounge) can be surrounded by walls as well as digging 1m down in this room to be able to stand and move inside the room and to easily access connections to water- and Power-Grid or placind off-Grid Technologies.
    Using the Space inside the containers more efficient can be done by placing drawers under the Staircases.


  2. Andrew R says:

    For the initial concept a wall mounted decentralised (non-ducted) heat recovery system was envisaged to help deal with the Canberra winters. That was about the extent of it. I would find a supplier in your region and get their input about what’s best for the local climate and the specifics of installation. If you live somewhere with a mild climate then keep it low tech and use the ancient system of opening a window!

    BTW – To comply with Australian building codes the bathroom needs a fan that vents externally. I would also include an externally vented exhaust fan above the cooking area.


  3. Andrew R says:

    Thanks for the feedback. The angle is 12.5 degree. I’ve added an updated section showing this. As for the plumbing, there is plenty of space to run this under the floor. If you need water storage then I’d suggest an external tank.


  4. Jeevan Prasad says:

    this is an economical and practical idea, here I want to know the degree of angle in between container floor to earth, in toilets and pantry/kitchen where we put water storage tank


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